Petroleum İstanbul


Digital Revolution in Energy; Smart Technologies, Smart Stations

Consumers' expectations and preferences are changing due to the changing trends in road transportation, which is the most preferred way of transportation in our daily life. On the other hand, stations which are the essential part of road transportation, also focus on new products and services in order to meet the expectations of consumers with the development of in-city and inter-city transport infrastructure. Non-fuel product sales are becoming increasingly important. Changing consumer preferences and the need for stations to position themselves according to new market conditions necessitate the inclusion of new products and services in the stations besides the traditional product segments. Petroleum Istanbul 2019, which will be held between 28-30 March 2019, will host all sector stakeholders and visitors for 3 days with the concept of "Smart Technologies and Smart Stations".

This year, the fair will be held for the 14th time and will bring together all the public institutions and organizations related to energy, particularly the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and EMRA, with the private sector once more. Expanding its scope with adding auto LNG, auto CNG, electric vehicle charging stations and station markets besides its main topics such as petroleum, LPG, lubricants and equipment; Petroleum Istanbul will create an important platform for cooperation with national, regional and international energy companies. Besides, convenience store product representatives and franchise brands which holds an important part of the non-fuel sales in the stations, will also have the opportunity to meet with the dealers. Together with Petroleum Istanbul 2019, Gas & Power Network, 3rd Electricity, Natural Gas and Alternative Energy, Equipment and Technologies Fair will be organized concurrently. 50.000 people are expected to visit the fair this year.